Mending Jeans… How Frugal!

A conundrum has recently posed itself… My favorite jeans were starting to get holes in the thighs… First thought buy some more! However, I bought them in Spain a few years ago, the make is Springfield. So I turned to the trusty internet, searched for the company, but only to find out, my style is no longer available.
So… next idea was to mend them. Back to the net, checked out a few sites… The best advice came from fashionista, thank you!


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Bristol’s Burlesque Scene

Welcome to the world of Bristol Burlesque! I stumbled upon it whilst doing a market stall and got chatting to the beautiful, ever changing Ally Katte, who as her Facebook profile shows:  works at Burlesque Striptease Performer, Compere, model and outsider artist!

For Frock’s Sake! was then offered a stall at a Burleque night held in St Werburghs (see pictures above).

New developments have led to For Frock’s Sake! becoming a Sponsor of Beesting Events, with the first event being the Beesting Bingo at The Lanes on Friday 9th May….
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Attack of the striped tights

loving the tights and your little quirks with each item you are wearing….

California Pixie Vintage Fashion Decor Style Blog

Sometimes I have to dress up and go beyond my rainbow sorted stacks of tshirts and worn out bellbottoms and venture into the stuff on hangers. It requires some thought. Here’s a little something from last Sunday. I used this outfit as an excuse to wear these tights! Love or loathe, I thought they deserved a post of their own!



vintage cashmere sweater (ebay, I switched out the buttons, of course)
vintage paisley skirt (thriftshop, used to be a dress)
pink striped tights (Betsey Johnson)
favorite red shoes (used to be brown, I painted them red)
awesome brooch (ebay)

Haha…Did anyone else think of this or is it just me?

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For Frock’s Sake!

For Frock's Sake!

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