RedFest 2015

Redfest Bristol is a free community music and arts festival based in the Redfield area of East Bristol.


Redfest Bristol was founded in 2008 by a small group of volunteers looking to provide a showcase for local artistic talent whilst bringing an increased sense of community to the area. Redfest Bristol is entirely organised and run by volunteers. They are a not for profit organisation with a constitution and management committee.

The festival is now an annual event comprising performances, exhibitions and installations.  Fringe events are held during the year to maintain Redfest Bristol’s profile in the community whilst continuing to showcase a variety of artistic talents. Many events are hosted by local venues such as pubs, cafes, the community centre and church hall.

Prior to 2011 the festival was a small scale event lasting a week, and this generated excellent attendance in a number of venues. In 2011, following feedback from local residents, the week-long festival was successfully expanded to include a day-long event in St. George Park.

St Georges park 09 6

Much fun was had this year at the For Frock’s Sake! stall, we shall be back next year for sure!



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