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For Frock’s Sake!

For Frock's Sake!

How it works.
Step 1: Join For Frock’s Sake!
Become a member for only £10 and open an account.
Bring your pre-loved clothes or accessories to our showroom in Redfield, we will price them according to our in-house pricing system* :
GREEN £5. AMBER £10. RED £20.

An account will be opened for you and you will be updated regularly on the status of your balance of account.

Step 2: Swap or Buy.
Browse the rails and swap like for like, for example if you bring an item which we label as a Green item, you may swap it directly for another Green item from the rail. Or you could swap 2 green for 1 amber. If you don’t have anything to swap, you can buy instead:
GREEN £5.AMBER £10.RED £20.
Please note: red item’s are to be purchased only.
NB: We do not accept returns.

Step 3: Earn Commission!
Every time we sell one of your pieces, For Frock’s Sake! will pay you 40% commission!