Attack of the striped tights

loving the tights and your little quirks with each item you are wearing….

California Pixie Vintage Fashion Decor Style Blog

Sometimes I have to dress up and go beyond my rainbow sorted stacks of tshirts and worn out bellbottoms and venture into the stuff on hangers. It requires some thought. Here’s a little something from last Sunday. I used this outfit as an excuse to wear these tights! Love or loathe, I thought they deserved a post of their own!



vintage cashmere sweater (ebay, I switched out the buttons, of course)
vintage paisley skirt (thriftshop, used to be a dress)
pink striped tights (Betsey Johnson)
favorite red shoes (used to be brown, I painted them red)
awesome brooch (ebay)

Haha…Did anyone else think of this or is it just me?

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