Merry Christmas! A Reflection of 2014.

After a great 2nd year of semi-trading, For Frock’s Sake! is
continuing to develop and diversify its business concept.

From initially a way of trying to instigate a green philosophy of continuing the life of pre-loved clothes; participating in a more defined selection of events throughout Bristol to selling very pretty dress rings and learning about the differences between silver plated and filled jewellery!

The best sellers this year have been scarves, belts and the new and ever expanding range of dress rings and necklaces.

2015 will be bringing fresh ideas, including bringing in a range of new designer clothes chosen from upcoming
British designers…In-house photography will become
more focused, by using some of the best photos printed onto fabric and used for bags, cushions and purses.

Keep checking back to see what’s new and happening next with For Frock’s Sake!

Don’t forget you can join the membership for just £10, email or use the online form on the home page to get involved..

Merry Christmas and have a great New Year,

Felicity xx

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