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Gin Face

Gin is fantastic!

Large G&T is always the best!

I enjoy a good G&T, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites. Both of types of gin, some pictures and my favourite Gin bloggers etc. I will be regularly updating this page with new gins that I try, other fun and fabulous gin sites and generally gin news!

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Types of Gin:

Hendricks – my favourite gin that I’ve found in the UK so far, expensive but distinctive. Served with cucumber. Wacky website! Around £27 a bottle, but always costs more in bars.

Gin Mare – Around £38 a bottle, yikes! Even more expensive than Hendricks and less available! Typical! I’ve yet to find it in UK pubs or clubs, which is a shame. It’s a Mediterranean styled gin that I like for it’s interesting flavour profile. With rosemary, thyme, olive, and basil all included in the mix, this is a gin that not only offers something different, but challenges the preconceptions of what gin should taste like.

Plymouth Gin – I drank this gin first in Plymouth, and this has to be on the list of great gins in respect of the great recently departed Lord Warleigh from Plymouth. Great taste, easy to drink and available in some bars (obviously more in Devon!!).  About £16 plus for a bottle.

Juniper Green Organic Gin – Got into this one several years ago, like the fact that it is organic and tastes great, quite heavy on the juniper berries, but then that is what gin is all about! Sensible price, availability again you have to look around for it. Available in most supermarkets, around £17. According to their website “The Soil Association, the premier authority responsible for certifying all things organic in the UK, has certified that Juniper Green is 100% organic. It contains absolutely nothing but the world’s finest organic grain, the purest water and a combination of 100% organic botanical herbs sourced from around the world.

Caorunn – Yet another Scottish gin has entered my top 10 list of favourite gins. Nice easy to drink gin, not sure how available in UK, once again my Ibiza trips have spoilt me for gin.  £27 upwards.

Pink 47 London Dry – Not tried this one yet, but do like the look of the bottle, which is based on the unique diamond shape inspired by the Khavarava pink diamond. Between £15 – 20, the description sounds great: Continue reading Gin Face