Introducing the Redfield Womens Institute or WiRed as they are known by.

I had the honour of doing a talk at the recent monthly meeting of the Redfield WI, about recycling clothes and textiles. Followed by a jewellery class with each participate learning how to make a pair of earrings to take home with them.

Apparently it was one of the best attended events that the group have had, which was great for them…but slightly unnerving to be faced with over 60 women all eager to take part in the clothes swap which we were doing after the talk. After a few facts and figures about re-cycling and the environment, I felt it was time to crack on… as you can see by the pictures below there were a lot of clothes and happy women with new outfits.

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After the mayhem and merriment of everyone mingling and trying on various items, we moved onto the jewellery class.

About 10 ladies all had a go designing their own pair of stylish bead earrings, whilst learning about the different tools and findings used in the process. As several women found out, the hardest bit was actually choosing which beads to use! By the end of the mini class eveyone proudly showed off their creations.

It was a great night, with some new members for both the Redfield WI group and For Frock’s Sake! Please click on either group to find out more about joining.

If your group (be it school / womens group / WI / any cool collection of people) would like For Frock’s Sake! to organise a clothes swap or jewellery class then please use our contact form below to get in touch.

There will be more pictures to come of the jewellery!

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