Twisted bamboo to refresh a wall!

Whilst it was still warm in the city of Bristol, I decided it was way overdue the time to paint my front wall. I’d already got a big tin of Dulux Twisted Bamboo Weather Shield paint, (initially for the back of the house…. still waiting for that to be done)! Plus previously, (probably last year) I’d prepared the wall ie had scraped off the old paint and used Nitromors to remove the stubborn paint from the flagstones on top.

The paint was great, the wall was a little uneven which made the first coat a bit more work to do, but at least then the second coat was easier.

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Boyfriend was very helpful with the second cutting-in bottom edge as I had splogged it a bit the first time around. The second coat did go on a lot quicker, maybe because the sun had moved away from me and it was getting colder??
Anyway, I’m very please with the result, even though it had taken far too long to complete the task.

The lesson I seem to be learning a lot this year, is stop leaving things unfinished, basically Get On With It!

My next Easter task is using the bread maker to make some hot cross buns! Check out my next blog to see how well they come out.
Happy Easter everyone!

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