About For Frock’s Sake!

 For Frock’s Sake!
Where old clothes get a new lease of life!


Becoming a member of For Frock’s Sake! is easy, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Join For Frock’s Sake!
Please complete the form below to become a member for only £10 and open an account.

Bring your pre-loved clothes or accessories to our showroom in Redfield, we will price them according to our in-house pricing system* 
GREEN £5. AMBER £10. RED £20.
An account will be opened for you and you will be updated regularly on the status of your balance of account.
Step 2: Swap or Buy.
Browse the rails and swap like for like, for example if you bring an item which we label as a Green item, you may swap it directly for another Green item from the rail. Or you could swap 2 green for 1 amber. If you don’t have anything to swap, you can buy instead:
GREEN £5. AMBER £10. RED £20.
Please note: red item’s are to be purchased only.
NB: We do not accept returns.
Step 3: Earn Commission!

Everytime we sell one of your pieces, For Frock’s Sake! will pay you 40% commission!

Join For Frock's Sake!
Join the merry band of Frocker’s!!
We stand for reducing waste by re-cycling unwanted clothes into items that have a new lease of life, and thereby reducing carbon footprint.
The company has a sense of humour and a playful side, hence the name!
Included in the Store is our range of jewellery which includes many lovely hand-made items. We are always looking to reliably source more artists from around the globe to join the collection from For Frock’s Sake! Please contact us by email or use the contact form on this page if you design jewellery and would like us to sell it for you.

Please note, all clothes given to For Frock’s Sake! then become the property of For Frock’s Sake! We may dispose of clothes in any way we see fit, if they do not sell.  Normally this would be either re-cycled into a bag or purse (see pictures below for examples) or given to charity.

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