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Found This Painted That

IMG_0524 Here it is, my next big save from the thrift store.  I’ve been looking for some time for some sort of seat that was narrow enough to pass by, comfy enough to sit and put on your shoes, easy to look at and most important, as usual, CHEAP.  This one came with a delightful little bonus – storage!!  There are far too many shoes in this house, and honestly they aren’t even mine.  Honestly….

Here’s the before:


Here’s the bonus:


A cool $15.00 and she was mine.

Since it is made of vinyl and I did NOT want it to stay brown, I pulled out all the stops and purchased Rustoleum spray paint for plastic in flat white (4 coats – 2 cans – a darker colour would take less).  I considered painting the trim charcoal or even painting a monogram or graphic stencil on top, but I wasn’t really…

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